Steals On The Real - Introducing The Real Shop

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Steals On The Real - Introducing The Real Shop

Welcome to Steals On The Real!! It’s the part of the show where you’ll get to shop our favorite products from the comfort of your couch! Okay, If you watched the episode, you know what was hiding under those skinny minty’s don’t you? That’s right...Steals On The Real!

Our first product is a fitness tracker by Pure! These super-cute, super-sleek and discreet devices help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Don’t we all need that right now? Normally, this high-tech fitness tracker is $169, but we cut a deal just for you, our Real Fam! Get yours today for just $29. You can pay us in the savings later!

Next up with Steals On The Real, we have this ultra-techy dash cam. It’s brand new and ultra-sleek. We know, you might be thinking, ‘what in the world do I need a dash cam for?’ - well if you’re in an accident, these could save you tons of money. Just want to record a fun sunset drive? This works for that, too. Black Box Dash Cam is engineered with its own sensor that captures 1080p resolution day and night. Not only that, this dash cam boasts an impressive 120-degree recording angle that will capture every moment in detail. With this dash cam, you’ll always have a second set of eyes to help you out. The best part? We got the price down to $25 just for you. Don’t you love Steals On The Real?

Our third Steals On The Real might just be the best one we’ve seen yet. Look, it’s about fried food. We get it -- you’re healthy, and fried food isn’t the best icon of clean eating. But c’mon...don’t want those crispy fries? Now you can enjoy those fries and take some of the guilt out of life’s most indulgent treats with this personal air fryer. It uses rapid hot air circulation technology to help you prepare your favorite food with none of the mess and almost no oil! Good for you and your health! Normally, you’d have to pay $99 bucks for this air fryer, but we were able to get it to you for just $39!

And our last Steals On The Real this week is going to help you out a ton this cold and flu cool is that essential oil diffuser? At first glance, it might come off as a glorified air freshener, but that could not be further from the truth. This essential oil diffuser naturally revitalizes your space and delivers healing benefits including sinus and allergy relief. Don’t be surprised if you get improved energy and increased focus...spread the wellness in your home with 10 essential oils and set the mood with 15 different lighting modes! You can find these things for as much as $350 online, but today you can get it for $49.99! Act fast and grab your Steals On The Real before time runs out!

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